Ans : Just click on “SEO Packages”, follow the instructions on that page and you would be taken to our payment page.
Ans : At the moment, please write to us atexpert@therealtraffic.com . We would soon provide you a web page where you can login and post the task/assignment.
Ans : The moment we receive the payment confirmation from you and the task details, your Expert will get into action.
Ans : Once you are onboard with us, your account will be assigned to a Project Manager. For any project related issue, you may write to him and everything will be taken care, as desired by you.
Ans : This completely depends on the content of your website and the promotion method selected. If your website content is fresh and is appealing and if an appropriate promotion method is selected to promote such website, then the results can be seen in 30 days. However, in any normal situations, results can be seen in 45-60 days.
Ans : There would be no refund of cash. However, your Traffic Expert will work for that month and there would be no subscription fee charged from the following month. You are requested to cancel your account, once you have decided to discontinue our services.
Ans : Yes. You can carry forward the hours to the following month.
Ans : Yes. We do have a process in place to check the results and the results will also be sent to you in regular intervals.
Ans : Yes. We are an Indian company providing the best internet marketing solutions. This website is owned by RealTraffic.com software solutions Private Limited.
Ans : Every Traffic Expert is trained on the Marketing Skills and is very efficient to promote any given website with the best suitable tactics.
Ans : Yes. You may use the hired Traffic Expert to any of your own Web Marketing tactics provided a complete training is given prior to the start of the tactic. It also depends on the comfort level of the Expert. If the Expert says that he/she cannot perform that job then we would not be able to perform that task for you.
Ans : Please refer to the page Web Marketing and you will find the different marketing techniques.
Ans : Our Traffic Experts are already part of the SEO services industry and are from the top companies. Unlike other SEO services, we do have a set of people who would be checking on the upgrades happening in every Marketing tactic and will be upgrading the same at our end. This will get us an updated and latest details of the Market; thus resulting in getting quicker results while we promote your product to the latest Market and not stale one.
Ans : You may hire up to a maximum of 3 Traffic Experts at any given point in time. However, if you need more experts to work for you, please let us know and we shall arrange the same.